High Holy Days 2020 / 5781

All Services will be online. Please do not come to CST.

Please join our online services via:

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Meeting ID: 984 7558 7254
Passcode: 46032

For additional resources to enhance your remote experience, please see our Tashlich and More page.

Congregation Shaarety Tefilla is happy and proud to provide access to Hoverwood and Kraft Commons, Hillel, IUPUI and visitors, such as yourself. We welcome guests across the United States, Israel, Hungry, and around the world.

Through generous contributions, we are able to upgrade the technology to provide this. Please consider a pledge to support ongoing efforts to keep us connected while we are apart.

We look forward to hearing from you after services about your experience.

Schedule of Services:

Rosh HaShanah Marriv – 1st DayFriday, September 187:30 PM
Rosh HaShanah Shacharit – 1st DaySaturday, September 199:00 AM
Rosh HaShanah Marriv – 2nd Day Saturday, September 197:30 PM
Rosh HaShanah – 2nd DaySunday, September 209:00 AM
Tashlich (on your own)Sunday, September 20 
Kabbalat ShabbatFriday, September 256:30 PM
Shabbat ShuvahSaturday, September 269:00 AM
Erev Yom Kippur – Kol NidreSunday, September 277:00 PM
Yom Kippur – ShacharitMonday, September 289:00 AM
Yom Kippur – Torah
Monday, September 2810:00 AM (approx)
Yom Kippur – Yizkor Monday, September 2811:00 AM (approx)
Yom Kippur – MinchaMonday, September 286:15 PM
Yom Kippur –
Nelia, Marriv, Havdalah
Monday, September 287:15 PM
Yom Kippur / ShofarMonday, September 288:10 PM
Sukkah Setup at CSTTBDTBD
Erev SukkotFriday, October 26:30 PM
Sukkot – 1st DaySaturday, October 39:00 AM
Erev Sukkot – 2nd DaySaturday, October 36:30 PM
Sukkot – 2nd DaySunday, October 49:00 AM
Erev Shemini AtzeretFriday, October 96:30 PM
Shemini Atzeret / YizkorSaturday, October 109:00 AM
Shemini Atzeret MinchaSaturday, October 106:30 PM
Simchat Torah MaarivSaturday, October 107:00 PM
Simchat TorahSunday, October 119:00 AM
Sukkah Tear-DownTBDTBD

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