Religious Education

Religious School and Hebrew for Life

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training
We are one of  very few congregations whose Rabbi meets individually with pre-bnai mitzvah students to prepare them for their special day. Many students conduct the Shabbat service and chant the Torah reading on their Bar/Bat Mitzvah. The entire Haftarah is usually chanted by the Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebrations

Many of our adult congregants master synagogue skills which culminate in a special celebration. We have learners who are “new” to the art of the chanting and those “brushing up” on skills for their bar/bat mitzvah anniversaries.

Torah Study Classes
Classes use both English and Hebrew text.

Introduction to Judaism
Classes are available for those interested in converting to Judaism or those seeking to learn about Jewish tradition.

Scholar-in-Residence and Cultural Arts Programs

Shaarey Tefilla hosts guest speakers and artists to share their talents with our congregation.