Let’s bring our CST family to members who can’t reach us.

To assist in supporting each other through both good and trying times, we are asking for adults and teens to help start and become members of the new CST Chesed Committee.  As a new committee, we will be looking to committee members to provide input as to what actions can be taken to provide chesed for our congregants and congregation, and how we can best carry out the committee mission.
Chesed is a central Jewish value, and is often translated as kindness.  However it actually encompasses much beyond that single word, to include the sharing of experiences, love, and support for others.  Chesed is mentioned in the Torah over 100 times!  While CST members have always been performing acts of kindness and support to their fellow members, we are creating a committee to further assist in providing chesed.
We have some ideas to get started, and will be having an initial committee meeting in the next few weeks.  This meeting most likely will be by zoom.  Committee member input and involvement may be for as few hours, or as many hours as members can offer.  

Please email, or contact the CST office if you are interested in being a member of the Chesed Committee.