Religious School and “Hebrew for Life”

For a Meaningful Judaism CST’s Religious School educates, empowers, and encourages students to engage our community in preparation for their Conservative Jewish adult life.
  • Open to members and non-members
  • Small classes with individualized attention
  • State of the art curriculum
  • Warm and welcoming environment
  • Family oriented
  • Bar/bat mitzvah preparation


2021/2022 ENROLL TODAY


Tuition & School Schedule:
Grades K, 1, & 2:       Only Sunday School
                                  Members $250 & Non-members $300

Grades 3, 4, 5, & 6:   Sunday School & Thursday Hebrew School
                                  Members $1,300 & Non-member $1,650

* Classes will be virtual in the event of bad weather

Kindergarten and Aleph/Bet (1st/2nd Grade) with Tammy Goldstein:
9 am to 10:30 am Sunday Religious School is in person

Gimel/Dalet (3rd/4th Grade) Hebrew Studies with Rotem Calili, Torah Studies with Rabbi Sendrow, and Religious Studies (Teacher will be announced):
6:10 pm to 6:55 pm Thursday Hebrew School is virtual
9 am to 11 am Sunday Hebrew & Religious School is in person 

Hay/Vav (5th/6th Grade) Hebrew Studies with Rotem Calili. Torah Studies with Rabbi Sendrow, and Religious Studies (Teacher will be announced):
7:00 pm to 7:45 pm Thursday Hebrew School is virtual 
9 am to 11 am Sunday Hebrew & Religious School is in person

* If you need your student(s) to attend religious school virtually, please inform Brenda Freedman, Education Director 

Religious School Forms:

Once you filled out the enrollment form, you will receive an invoice from the bookkeeper.  Before your child starts religious school, an information form will be emailed.  Required to be filled out prior to your child starts school.  

Enrollment Online Form or Enrollment Download to Print From

School Calendar 

* Interested in religious school and/or becoming a member email Jennifer Linsley, Executive Director or Brenda Freedman, Education Director; or call (317) 733-2169.

* Invoice question email Richard McGee, Bookkeeper

Religious School Staff:

Brenda Freedman, Education Director: 
Brenda started in 2019 as Education Director at CST including a decade of nonprofit experience.  As the Religious Education Director, her goal is to make sure students are prepared for their B’nai Mitzvah and Adult Jewish Life.

Tammy Goldstein, K-2nd Religious Education Teacher:
Tammy has been teaching religious school for many years at CST.  Tammy enjoys being creative in the classroom as the students actively learn, complete projects, and sing songs to build their Jewish identities.   In her class, she introduces the Hebrew alphabet letters and builds a foundation for learning Hebrew.  Her goal is to make the students feel a sense of belonging to the Jewish community and Congregation Shaarey Tefilla as they learn about the holidays and Jewish values. 

Rotem Calili, 3rd-6th Hebrew Teacher:
Rotem started teaching in at CST 2018 and continues to be the CST Hebrew teacher. Rotem has many years of experience teaching Hebrew at the BJE. We are excited to have him teach our students Conversational Hebrew so to improve their understanding of the language and preparing them to travel to Israel, to take Hebrew education in High School, or have a conversation with someone from Israel.

Rabbi Sendrow, 3rd-6th Religious Services Teacher:
Rabbi Sendrow has been teaching our congregants Torah studies since he started working at CST and continues to work with our members in preparation for their B’nai Mitzvah.  In his class, he teaches the students prayers for Shabbat Services.

Diana Ningen, 3rd-6th Religious Studies Teacher: 
Welcome Diana first year teaching at CST.  Diana is a student at Butler University studying for Elementary Education.  She brings with her 4 years of teaching assistant experience.  The goal for her class is to nurture an understanding and connection with their Jewish identity and Israel.  She wants the students to feel prepared for their B’nai mitzvah and for their connection with their Jewish identity to continue for many years to come.  In her class they will be taught Jewish life by learning the reasons we celebrate holidays, the connection to prayer, and encouraging their relationship with Jewish values.