Let’s bring our CST family to members who can’t reach us – Chesed.

One of the distinctive features of CST is our welcoming and family friendly congregation. This atmosphere is not maintained by chance, but rather, by the actions of its members. We need to actively promote such actions.

In past years, CST members would visit the sick and infirm. Visiting our congregants in the hospital is a way to extend the family-friendliness of our community. We believe it is important to show our members who are sick or infirm to know that we care about their well-being. Because we are a relatively young congregation, it is very uncommon for our members to be hospitalized. Nevertheless, we would like to know whom we can depend upon should we need visitors.

At present, our members are hospitalized about 5 times per year. The Rabbi will notify the CST volunteer visitor(s) for the specific hospital when a member is hospitalized.

In addition to hospital visits, the volunteer visitor, in coordination with the Rabbi, would make phone calls to the patient and family members to see what they need and how people can help and make sure that the appropriate membership is notified about the hospitalized patient and their particular needs, if any.

Due to recent federal regulations, hospitals no longer inform the congregation of hospitalized individuals. Please call the synagogue to let us know when someone is hospitalized and would like a visit from the rabbi. If you would be interested in being a volunteer to go visit ill or hospitalized members, please call or e-mail Rabbi at