Stop By For a Schmooze and a Tour

Our Office Manager, Jennifer “Jeni” Linsley and our Rabbi Benjamin Sendrow, love to chat with people interested in Shaarey Tefilla. Stop by, meet them, and tour our facilities. Because Rabbi Sendrow’s calendar includes things off site, please call ahead for an appointment if you want to be sure you can meet him.

Trying Out Our Services

For most people, our Friday night service is the best way to experience Shaarey Tefilla for the first time. Friday night services combine lots of congregational singing and English readings. Rabbi Sendrow gives a sermon on most Friday nights. The title is usually available in advance through Twitter and Facebook. We begin at 6:30pm. The service is approximately 90 minutes long.

Our Shabbat morning service is longer and more Hebrew intensive. We do a full Torah reading, and Rabbi Sendrow usually presents a D’var Torah (literally “a word of Torah;” a little talk on the Torah reading of the week.) This is a service at which experienced shul-goers will feel at home. We begin at 9:00am and generally end before noon.

For those who want to experience a Shabbat morning service but are new to it, many people find that coming closer to 10:00am provides a more engaging and interesting experience. It is around that time that the Torah service begins, which includes Rabbi Sendrow’s D’var Torah. The few English prayers said on Saturday morning are also part of the Torah service. While we certainly need people who arrive at 9:00 am, we understand that a full traditional Shabbat morning service can overwhelm those who are not used to it. We are very proud of the fact that our regular atttendees embrace newcomers and help them to become familiar with the service.

Meet With Our Educator

Religious School Director, Brenda Freedman is always eager to meet with families to explain our programs and answer your questions. Appointments to speak or meet with Brenda can be arranged through our Synagogue Office.

Are You A Weekday Minyan Person?

Our traditional Minchah/Maariv service is held on Mondays and Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm. Our regular minyanaires are always delighted to welcome people to our minyanim.

By Rabbi Benjamin Sendrow 8/3/2012. Updated: 4/22/20.