High Holy Days Sermons

Rosh HaShanah/Yom Kippor 5778:

Sundays With Louie, Erev Rosh Hashanah 5778: “…I have a friend who is coming to the end of his battle with ALS.  Like Gehrig, his name is Lou, and that is what I call him, but his beloved wife calls him Louie.  From that nickname comes the title of this sermon…” Click here to read the entire sermon and  Click here to listen to the entire sermon

I Am Israel, Rosh Hashanah 5778-1: “…I should start out by introducing myself to you. I’ve been known by different names at different times in history. If you look in the Bible, you will see me called eretz Israel, the Land of Israel….” Click here to read the entire sermon and  Click here to listen to the entire sermon




Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippor 5773:

How To Write Your Own Eulogy: “…We’re thinking about ultimate issues such as life and death on these solemn days, are we not? The day will come when everyone here today will be in the World to Come. Why leave your eulogy in the hands of others? Why not write your own?” Click here to read the entire sermon

How To Be A Success In Life: “…The very first thing God did after creating light was to say, “Hey, I did that pretty well. I like what I just did. That’s some nice light right there.” So the Torah is telling not to practice false modesty, and to be able to recognize the good things we do as being good…” Click here to read the entire sermon

Advocating For Israel: “…Are my beliefs about leaving the title Rabbi out of partisan politics consistent with my thoughts, and more importantly, my behavior regarding advocacy for Israel?” Click here to read the entire sermon

Honor Your Father and Your Mother: “…so tonight I will talk to you about a mitzvah,only one mitzvah. It is a major mitzvah, one of the Ten Commandments, and it is a mitzvah that carries different messages: one to young children, another to adult children, and yet another to parents and grandparents.By now you probably guessed what it is. I want not only to talk about this mitzvah, but suggest why it might be the most important of the Ten Commandments…” Click here to read the entire sermon

You Have No Memories and You Have No Soul: “…It was my turn to throw. I did the traditional 180 turn and heaved the shot, a 12 pound steel ball used in high school, about 45 feet. After my throw, I began walking down the foul line, as I had done hundreds of times before. The next shotputter stepped up. He decided to try the new Brian Oldfield technique, which he had not been taught and had not practiced. In fact, he had never tried it before. He got off a pretty good throw, but during the spinning, he lost his orientation. Somebody yelled…” Click here to read the entire sermon