Kallah Weekend 2016

Shaarey Tefilla Kallah

For the first time in a nearly twenty-five year history, Congregation Shaarey Tefilla (CST) recently took its Shabbat experience to new heights. Goldman Union Camp Institute (GUCI) in Zionsville may only be around the corner for many congregants but while “Celebrating Shabbat Together” from September 9-11; approximately 50 “campers” could have been miles from civilization. The weekend celebration was made possible in part through a grant provided by the Kallah Project and guided by Executive Director, Barb Moskow and lay-chair, Jay Perler along with his committee that spent nearly a year planning the first of three proposed Kallah experiences. From the human BINGO game that encouraged everyone to start talking right from the beginning of the weekend to the group picture and friendship circle at the end, the Shabbat experience was packed with workshops, worship, pop up mahjongg, fun, laughter, connection and relaxation in a creative and welcoming manner.

Although all activities were optional, participants attended the workshops and services in great numbers. There was something interactive for everyone including: a laugh coach, a political discussion, a mock trial, creative prayer writing, team building, meditation, a bonfire, great food and tikkun olam projects which will be continued throughout the year. As the weekend came to a close, attendees commemorated the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11 in a fittingly patriotic tribute led by Rabbi Sendrow on guitar.

CST is approaching its 25th anniversary and a strong cadre of volunteers continue to bring new and innovative ways to reach a diverse membership. The doors remain open to new ideas especially for the next Kallah. Those who wish to be involved should notify the synagogue office.